Our Approach

Considering an outside investor or the sale of one's business is a major decision. When a company receives a letter, e-mail or call from someone at our firm, you can be assured the outreach is genuine, targeted and on behalf of a named investor with specific interest in your company.

We understand business owners receive many solicitations from firms in the "investment" business. Some want to make an introduction to a firm without a name and generally are on a "fishing" expedition, while others are soliciting a sell-side engagement and pull the "bait and switch". Our clients are sophisticated investors and utilize various transaction strategies to acquire and grow all or part of a company.

Our Role Defined

  1. Provide detailed information about our client and benefits of a relationship with them
  2. Provide key points of interest in the business
  3. Clarify our clients ideal investment candidate
  4. Strive to understand the needs and objectives of the business and shareholders
  5. Gather initial data on business to determine if a fit with clients investment profile
  6. Facilitate an introduction and sharing of information
  7. Assist in negotiations and closing

Our clients understand the present may not be the right time to consider a transaction and they look to build relationships for the future.


In some cases after discussing your business, objectives and goals in more detail, it may be determined that you do not fit our client's investment profile or our client is not best suited for your needs.

On the sell-side of the transaction our firm:

  1. Upholds the strictest confidentiality
  2. Strive to understand the seller's objectives
  3. Maintains professional integrity
  4. Always compensated by the investor

Our firm is noted for its extensive database of Investors, which covers virtually every conceivable industry and transaction type. These Investors are committed to acquiring both large and small companies and have substantial cash in place available to consummate transactions.

With these relationships to entities seeking acquisitions and investments, GA can immediately present Business Owners with appropriate Investors. Our extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions enable us to meet the Business Owners' objectives and remain within the Investors' criteria.

Why Consider a Transaction

Business owners invest considerable time, effort and resources into growing their organizations into valuable entities. As a consequence, much of the net worth is often tied up in the business. Most business owners hope to one day cash in on their hard work and generate liquidity, but it is not always black and white. Below are some key reasons to consider a transaction:

Estate/Succession Planning - Often business owners need liquidity for estate-planning purposes, retirement and succession planning. Founding equity holder is able to liquidate his/her equity in the company while allowing his/her family or key management to partner with a new equity sponsor who can provide stewardship for the next generation of owners.

Subsequent Liquidity Event - In a typical private equity transaction, the management team will still own a large percentage of the business and opportunity for a "second bite at the apple"

Conflicting Shareholder Goals - As companies grow, the financial and business goals of the founders often change, and/or personal issues arise which are detrimental to the company.

Elimination of Personal Liability - Partnering with a well-capitalized private equity investor allows a business owner to eliminate personal liability.

Partnership With an Experienced Investor - Our investors business is to recognize and capitalize on growth opportunities, and they will provide continuous guidance and capital to pursue growth initiatives and build shareholder value in numerous ways, including:

  • Organizational development
  • Rapid industry growth
  • Accelerated capital investment
  • Industry consolidation/Acquisitions
  • Distribution expansion
  • Service line extension
  • Product development
  • Geographic expansion

With these relationships to entities seeking acquisitions and investments, GA can immediately present Sellers with appropriate Buyers. Our extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions enable us to meet the Sellers' objectives and remain within the Buyers' criteria.