Sourcing superior investment opportunities starts with the right process.


GA is focused on conducting industry specific platform and add-on acquisition searches for a named and retained investor utilizing our proprietary deal origination platform, TargetSelect. We utilize information, resources, our industry relationships and skill to undertake a systematic and persistent search to locate acquisition/investment candidates exclusively for a named and retained investor.

Identifying, researching, reaching out to and qualifying target companies that fit your strategy and investment criteria can be costly and time consuming. Using an experienced buy-side M&A firm can save you invaluable time, money, and resources.

Investors We Serve

  1. Institutional and Family Office Private Equity Investors Seeking Platform Investments
  2. Institutional and Family Office Private Backed Portfolio Companies Seeking Add-ons
  3. Private Companies Seeking Add-ons
  4. Public Companies Seeking Add-ons

Our Approach

  1. We view our relationships with clients as partnerships
  2. Organized and consistent updates on acquisition searches with actionable timelines
  3. Focus on long-term relationships
  4. Exclusivity in industries and end-markets
  5. We contact and inform the business owners
    1. of your distinctive advantages as an investor/acquirer.
    2. to promote your integrity and ability to close transactions.
    3. to emphasize the unique benefits you can bring to the business.
    4. creating a footprint for your firm in a particular industry and/or market segment.


TargetSelect is a proprietary deal origination platform designed and offered by GA. We develop a tailored acquisition/investment strategy that includes a detailed six-step process:

  1. Create Investment Profile
  2. Identify Target Companies
  3. Create Marketing Materials
  4. Launch Marketing Campaign
  5. Screen Targets
  6. Selection Process


Our firm has a dedicated research team that identifies companies based on our client's specific investment profile using our proprietary database and other leading external database resources. These external sources have up-to-date information on over 20 million companies in North America and over 70 million companies worldwide. We also access information from trade associations, industry publications, conferences, internet searches and government organizations.

Additionally, our clients utilize our resources to assist them in identifying the landscape of acquisition prospects prior to making a platform investment. We feel our research capabilities are second to none in identifying industry specific platform investments and add-on acquisitions.