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TargetSelect is our focused, intensive, and systematic investment origination process, which we customize for each client/project

1. Investor Profile

Understand our client’s philosophy as a firm, preferred transaction structures, M&A process, post-transaction involvement, company history and financial resources

2. Strategy/Thesis

The purpose for M&A can either be strategic or financial. Each M&A transaction must have a clear strategy and defined thesis for a successful outcome

3. Identify

Process of determining and applying key criteria to identify potential target companies

4. Messaging

Our team develops custom marketing material and messaging specific to the search mandate

5. Engage

Through a customized systematic process with robust analytics and capabilities, we engage target companies and gather initial information to determine interest

6. Select

Once mutual interest is determined, we arrange a confidential introduction and provide ongoing support to move toward a successful closing

Target Identification
& Initial Testing

Prior to closing a new investment, we identify and are able to “test” acquisition strategies during the due diligence phase. This is done to determine the fragmentation and overall size of the market as well as the actionability of targets. This ensures your team’s resources are pointed in the right direction and proprietary insights can be applied during due diligence.

Research Philosophy

A robust sourcing strategy requires research on thousands of companies to find the right targets. Through our proprietary, public and private databases, industry associations, trade shows, and other sources we identify targets that fit your specific criteria. To expedite this process, Genz utilizes:

  • Specialized Internal Research Team
  • Leading Subscription-Based Information Services
  • Research Management Tools & Databases
  • AI/Machine Learning Technology

“Going beyond the conventional, we go outside the box to identify quality acquisition candidates.”

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