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TPG Growth – Backed Denali Water Solutions Acquires Jesse Baro

January 29, 2021

Genz & Associates, Inc. (“Genz”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Jesse Baro, Inc. (“Jesse Baro”) by TPG Growth’s portfolio company Denali Water Solutions, LLC (“Denali”). Denali is a specialty waste and environmental services company that offers innovative and economically effective solutions for the management, handling, recycling, disposal, and conversion of organic waste materials through beneficial reuse, composting, and anaerobic digestion. Jesse Baro provides a complete range of environmental transportation and land application services for customers in both the private and public sectors, including transportation and land application of residuals for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, water plants, incineration, and food processing facilities.

The acquisition of Jesse Baro aligns with Denali’s geographic market diversification strategy and enhances its opportunities to deliver quality service and resources to existing and new customers.

Denali and TPG Growth retained Genz & Associates as their buy-side M&A advisor to assist in pursuing Denali’s acquisition growth strategy. Genz & Associates identified Jesse Barro and initiated this transaction through its comprehensive origination process, TargetSelect.

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